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Jun 28, 2019

In this episode, we cover another anti-pattern that everyone has experienced.  However, the CYA approach is not often seen as something to avoid.  There are downsides to the cover your assets approach that need to be seen for what they are so our use of it is tempered.

Defining the Cover Your Assets Anti-Pattern


Jun 26, 2019

This anti-pattern implies a heavier hand than is common.  While the intellectual violence anti-pattern sounds shocking and over-the-top, it is common and often subtle.  We have many ways of shutting down discussion or "protecting our turf" that are easy to miss.

Defining the Intellectual Violence Anti-Pattern


Jun 24, 2019

It is hard to go through life without being warned against reinventing the wheel at some point.  This recommendation is a general warning to avoid duplicating effort where possible.  Thus, we have an easy to understand anti-pattern.  On the other hand, we should look deeper to determine whether we are avoiding an...

Jun 21, 2019

A swiss army knife is a great tool to carry around with you.  However, this anti-pattern tells us that building a one-stop-shop for your design functionality is a wrong approach.  Several problems arise when you throw almost everything into a single class.

Defining the Swiss Army Knife Anti-Pattern

I found a good blog...

Jun 19, 2019

While experience is an excellent teacher, it is not a silver bullet.  Every problem we tackle is a little different.  Thus, we should follow best practices even when we think we have done this all before.  When we instead believe we can take short-cuts, we are likely to be practicing architecture...