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Develpreneur: Become a Better Developer and Entrepreneur

Nov 2, 2023

This interview has a focus on using AI for work. We chat with the founder of the site,, Ali Abassi, and cover the latest hot topic. The story begins with how he got the idea for the site. It is a classic story of someone who had an itch they scratched. They then turn that solution into something others can benefit from.

The Genesis Of AI For Work

The beginnings of his site can be found in the common use of AI for content generation. He used it to help build copy for his marketing job. However, the time savings did not come right away. Ali had to craft his prompts better. That is where the value started to show. However, he did not stop there. He saw how smart prompt usage could provide a benefit to anyone who wants to leverage the Chat GPT service.

About Ali

He is the founder of AI for Work. That is a platform that helps knowledge workers use Chat GPT to work smarter, faster, and perform better at their jobs. He created AI for Work to share his passion and vision for the future of work with AI, automation, and AI agents. He gives everything away for free, including 2000+ prompts, workflows, tools, and educational resources.

As a result, he has received hundreds of positive feedback messages from users who say that AI for Work has helped them save thousands of dollars, launch businesses, and reshape their work. He also provides consulting to companies looking to automate processes, leverage AI, and grow their business. Previously, he was the Director of Marketing at Grace & Stella. While there, he helped grow the businesses by over 100% and secured multiple partnerships with the largest beauty subscription boxes. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing from Capilano University. Finally, he is an award-winning seller and finalist of the Great Canadian Sales Competition.