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Develpreneur: Become a Better Developer and Entrepreneur

Jun 20, 2024

In the final episode of season 21, the Developer podcast hosts Michael and Rob reflect on the lessons they've learned about becoming better developers over the past few months.

Listen to Rob and Michael recap Season 21, Discussing Lessons Learned and Becoming Better Developers.

Here are some of the key takeaways on Becoming Better Developers:

Invest Time in Working ON Your Business, Not Just IN It

One of Rob's main realizations was that he spent too much time on client projects. He was not taking enough time to improve and market his consulting business. To address this, Rob instituted a weekly "business development" time. During this period, he would step away from client work and focus on branding, automation tools, marketing strategies, and other efforts. The goal was to grow his business, not just execute client projects.

Refocus and Redefine Your Brand

For Michael, the past season involved a lot of rebranding, soul-searching, and really defining who his core customer is and what services he wants to focus on providing. He pruned out the consulting work that didn't align with his new vision to build a more focused brand around his new Envision QA product line.

Get Organized

Along with redefining his brand, Michael had to get organized—going through old code repositories, archiving obsolete projects, and separating out components for his new products. This provided clarity on what assets were still relevant moving forward.

Keep Learning and Staying Current

Both Michael and Rob emphasized the importance of continuously learning and keeping your skills up-to-date in order to stay relevant and marketable. Michael cited examples of getting re-certified, learning new languages and frameworks, and studying emerging areas like cloud and AI.

Periodically Try Something New

Rob advised trying new things periodically. This could be a new programming language, new tools, or revisiting an old area you hadn't practiced recently. Trying new things helps keep you out of ruts. It can also reignite your passion for areas you drifted away from over the years.

Do What You Enjoy

A recurring theme was the importance of finding enjoyable work. The work should energize you rather than drain you. Rob said, "We are not serving ourselves, our customers, or our families if we're not doing stuff we enjoy." He added, "That's what we're going to do best." Doing work you enjoy was emphasized as crucial.

Reflect on Progress

The hosts recommended periodic reflection. Look back at where you were six months or a year ago. Appreciate the progress you've made. Evaluate areas with less progress. Refocus your efforts in those areas. Celebrate your wins. But don't settle for where you are now.

Get Feedback, Make Adjustments

Finally, they advocated proactively getting feedback - whether from a manager, customers, or just self-evaluating strengths and weaknesses. Use that feedback to make adjustments, invest in training to shore up weaknesses, and optimize your strengths. Consistently re-calibrating based on feedback is key.

A final thought on becoming better developers

The main message? Consistent self-reflection, redefining priorities, continuous learning, and aligning your work with your skills and passions are crucial to purposefully growing as a developer over the long run. With intentionality and wisdom, the journey to becoming better developers can be an ever-rewarding one.

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